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These are sites compiled by Audio Recording Center that can help you in your efforts to improve the way you record. We'll be adding to this section regularly, so check back often!

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 Musician's Junction

Find and be found by other musicians, songwriters, bands, producers and more.
 General Resources

General music and other links
 Recording Studios

Whether or not you prefer to record in your home studio, it's good to have pro studios as reference points. And, you just may want to do your next project in one!
 Recording and Audio Software

From the latest in digital PC recording to MIDI programming, you'll find it here. Truly a musical revolution!
 Software Dealers

Many of these dealers sell more than just software, and often they can provide good resources for the rest of your gear as well.
 Mastering and Duplication Service Providers

While it is easy to come by gear to record your material at home, mastering and duplicating your recordings is somewhat of a specialty. These companies can help you in that arena.
 Songwriter/Musician Suppliers

These companies offer a number of specialty items, like MIDI backgrounds for established songs, and blank CDs and Cassette tapes.
 Songwriter/Musician Resources

These sites provide a number of resources for songwriters and musicians of all levels.