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Contained here is Audio Recording Center's collection of articles covering every facet of recording. We'll be adding to this section regularly, so check back often!

 Internet-based Audio and Video

There's a lot more to the audio and video potential of the Web than just downloading the latest band. AudioVideoWeb's Rick Kolow discusses what it takes to get material online and working correctly.
 Achieving Your Best Studio Vocal
(two-part series)

The voice is the signature of a band! Would you like to improve your vocal technique? This two-part article by voice coach and author Jeannie Deva covers the five major factors to your best studio vocal sound -- and much more.
 Turn Your PC Into a Digital Recording Studio

MIDI man Stewart Meredith discusses what's required to turn your ordinary PC into a turbo-charged, fully-digital recording machine. A must read!
 How To Get Great Drum Sounds From Your Home Studio

Nothing makes a home recording, any recording for that matter, sound better than great drum sounds. Pro engineers spend more time getting their drum sounds than any other instrument on their recordings and it shows.
 How Good Do Your Demos Have To Be?

"Good" can mean the song (with a slant toward "hit" potential), or it can mean the engineering or production values on the tape. If the ultimate use of your demo is to land a record deal, and not to impress your friends and relatives, then this article is for you.
 How To Get A Great Bass Sound In Your Home Studio

The answer isn't a singular prescription for success, but a collection of techniques that can be used as each situation dictates.
 Mixing Made Easy

Let's face it: It's not rocket science. It's really just the practical application of basic physics, a little bit of psychoacoustics, and a pinch of good taste.
 How To Get Expensive Guitar Sounds From a Cheap Home Studio

I'm always amazed by how many people working in home studios think you need a $750,000 console, a 48-track digital machine, an arsenal of $2,000 microphones, and tons of outboard gear to make your tapes sound "professional." It's just not true.
 Making Music For Television

The fastest and easiest way to make money with your music will be staring you in the face tonight -- I guarantee it.
 Recording The Acoustic Guitar

While the acoustic guitar remains one of the most simple instruments by design, it also remains one of the hardest to get a great sound on in the studio. These laws are considered to be the Ten Commandments of recording the acoustic guitar.
 How I Turned A Trip To The Music Store In To Gold and Platinum Records On My Wall

Lengthy headline for a simple concept. The concept: Recognize opportunity. Seize opportunity. Be persistent as hell and you'll get what you want.
 Hocus Pocus -- It's All About Focus

"Keep your mind focused on what you want and act accordingly. You will achieve success." Words to live by.
 What You Need To Know To Get A Record Deal

Getting a record deal gets harder every year. The days of record impresarios like Phil Spector discovering a group, taking them into the studio and making them famous overnight are long gone.